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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spiritual Music

Whenever I'm feeling down, music is a sure way of lifting me up. Since childhood, I have turned to music for comfort or for answers to nagging questions. Certain songs have made me cry, laugh or just feel so alive. I cannot remember a time when I did not have an intense, curious and sensitive personality.  Music has often been the catalyst validating my emotional make-up and connecting me to the spiritual inheritence of so many types of songs.

One of the first songs I remember waking up to each morning was "Green Door," which I think was by the Statler Brothers, but haven't yet been able to confirm through research. Mahalia Jackson, Rosetta Thorpe and The Rance-Allen Group were some favorites when I was growing up. These days, I am just as likely to listen time and again to spiritual songs by R&B singers or songs that are not labled as spiritual, but have an inspirational, soulful "feel" to them. Here are a few spiritual songs that will always be my favorites:

Nearer My God to Thee/ Al Green- My mother sang this song when I was a little girl, sitting nearby watching her iron my dresses. To this day, I love to iron, and love Al Green's version of this song because it's sung with so much emotion.

His Eye is on the Sparrow/ Marvin Gaye - To me, Marvin was the quintessential spiritual singer. Even his R&B tunes carried that flavor.

Suzanne/ Nina Simone - Best version of Leonard Cohen's famous song. Creative, innovative, brave.

Suzanne/ Harry Belafonte - Second best version of the Leonard Cohen song. Lost my copy, and haven't been able to find it anywhere.

Gospel Medley/ Destiny's Child - Hearing the meshing of the voices of Beyonce',Kelly and Michelle lilting this tune is pure pleasure.  I always think how much they must have enjoyed singing this, which is composed of three songs, You've Been So Good / Now Behold the Lamb / Jesus Loves Me.  

The Storm is Over Now/ R. Kelly - This song transcends any of his transgressions, and testifies to the God in most of us.

O Happy Day/ The Edwin Hawkins Singers- I love the contained, steady emotion of this song, which always makes me feel good.

Bird on a Wire/ K.D. Lang - Her version of Leonard Cohen's song sounds like an honest prayer to me.

Say Amen/  Howard Hewitt - This song is such a testimony to how we often give praise to a higher power within us. I love Howard's rendering of this song, but I have to buy an udated copy because the YouTube version sounds a bit grainy.

Mary, Don't You Weep/ Aretha Franklin- If you can sit still while listening to this song, please check your pulse. I have to at least clap, sway and/or moan whenever I hear this.

There are other spiritual songs I love by Aaron Neville, Solomen Burke, Jennifer Hudson and Patti LaBelle, among many others, which I hope to write about at another time. Please share some of your favorite spiritual songs in the Comments section at the bottom.


Amber said...
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Amber said...

My favorite uplifting spiritual songs are:

Yolanda Adams:Open my heart, Don't give up, Be blessed, Victory, just to name a few.
Crystal Lewis - Fearless Cd.
Donnie McClurkin - Speak to my heart Lord.

All types of music whether its spiritual,reggae,pop,rock or r&b has truly been an uplifting source of joy in my life.

Dori said...

I share many of your favorites I see. I especially love "Say Amen" and "O Happy Day" from your list. Also, whenever I'm down I love to listen to "Optimistic" by the Sounds of Blackness :)

Georgette Jones said...


I want to get the digitally re-mastered version of "Say Amen." Also, Thank you for sharing "Optimistic" - haven't heard that one. I'll check it out.