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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pack Up

You, uninvited, suitcase and all
Bluntly insinuated into my life
Without a prior letter or call
Unfolding your drama, sharpening your knife

Your suitcase, filled with issues and such
Betrayals, lies, woes and sorrow
Unpacked deliberately, are quite too much
Baggage I care not to borrow

So ease from here, I beg you now
Pack that suitcase kept in your head
No more theatre must I allow
Your thoughts are waste, your words dread

Something inside you seems to suggest
That I fall amiss of my serenity
To tolerate you further is to strangle progress
It's impossible to relish your company

I want to address those truths I know
Without regrets, I must ask you to go!

copyright 2009, Georgette Jones


Mary Jane said...

Georgette - This poem expresses so well what we occasionally feel and I guess that is what poetry is all about.
Right on the mark!

Georgette Jones said...

Mary Jane, I think we've all known someone like this. I write in rhyming verse to entertain while conveying messages that many people can relate to. Thanks so much for your comment.