On this blog, a companion to "ArtSoPotent," I will write about the connection between visual art and other art forms, including cinema, dancing, poetry, and specifically music. This space will also serve to display images of my commercial work: Calligraphy, Collage, Note Cards, Hand-painted boxes, Handmade books,and other mixed-media works.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poetry Slam

Perhaps too direct, but for the sake of rhyme
Wrote full the poem line for line
Filled each stanza with jelly and jam
Read it back and affirmed, "I am."

Took that poem to a poetry slam.

Won the grand prize for spark and wit
Decorated that poem and framed it
Toted it to each corner of the nation
Every reading was a huge sensation

That poem received much congratulation.

Over the years that came and went
His tongue now silent, his back now bent
His will to entertain not like before
At every engagement, he was a bore

"Only one poem," he cried from his core,
"After all this time, I wish I'd wrote more!

copyright 2009, Georgette Jones

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