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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Seeing Jazz / Book Review

The book, "Seeing Jazz," is a compilation of art and music, showing how the two often nourish, mimic and inspire each other.

Filled with photographs of famous musicians and paintings, sculpture and mixed media of famous contemporary artists, the book is a feast for the art lover's soul.  Essays and words complete this stimulating book.

Some of my favorite art images are, "Negro Jazz Band" / Charles Demuth; "Cabinet of Dr. Buzzard" / Frank Smith; "Grand Jazz Band" / Jean Dubuffet; "Icarus" / Henri Matisse;  "Sketch to Charlie Parker's Music" / Norman Lewis; "In E Sharp" / Romare Bearden and "Dancing Couple #2" / Ann Tanksley, among many others.

Interesting writings and sayings on jazz include words from pianist Mary Lou Williams, author James Baldwin, poet Rita Dove, author Toni Morrison and author F. Scott Fitzgerald.  It was particularly interesting to hear musicians write about the making of their music - how actual set pieces develop.

I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to learn more about the art-music connection, or to anyone who loves jazz and/or visual art. 

"Art affirms plastically the ancient truth that life is equilibrated rhythm.  Art always realizes this equilibrium in life."       - Piet Mondrian  

"The rhythm of life is a jazz rhythm, honey.  The gods are laughing at us."
                                                    - Langston Hughes

"God breathes through us so completely.....so gently we hardly feel it....yet it is our everything.  Thank you, God.     - A Love Supreme:  John Coltrane / From the liner notes

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