On this blog, a companion to "ArtSoPotent," I will write about the connection between visual art and other art forms, including cinema, dancing, poetry, and specifically music. This space will also serve to display images of my commercial work: Calligraphy, Collage, Note Cards, Hand-painted boxes, Handmade books,and other mixed-media works.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mixed Media Tidbits

- In keeping with the spirit of the season, I will be posting a few essays on the topic of giving, especially as it relates to artists.  Please look for that subject in the next few days on my ArtSoPotent  blog.

- I must share that the so-called "Christmas Spirit" is one I try to maintain all year round.  For me, that means a spirit of gratitude, awareness of what most matters in life and a spirit of celebration.  However, it's ironic that during this time of social gatherings, I'm yearning more for a time of reflection about the upcoming year.

- There are so many new movies opening lately that you wonder if you can see them all.  On my list are the following:  The Blind Side / The Princess and the Frog / Avatar/... and Invictus.  There are others that do not immediately come to mind.   I particularly want to see Invictus because Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors, but also because I have always admired Nelson Mandela as one of my heros.

- Some other heroes and sheroes are Martin Luther King, Jr., Madame C. Walker, Stephen Biko, Zora Neale Hurston, Mahatma Ghandi, Harriet Tubman, Phyllis Wheatley, James Foreman, Shirley Chisholm, Sojourner Truth, and Frederick Douglas, to name just a few.  Please feel free to add your own in the comments section.

- Speaking of heroes, does anyone know who sang the song, "I Need a Hero?'  Was it Pat Benatar?  I know that Aretha Franklin had a beautiful song called, "Gotta Find Me an Angel."  Right now, I think the world needs more angels and heroes.  I'm sure they exist, but we need to hear more about them.  

- I have seen quite a lot of whimsical art on this site, but not as much contemporary, abstract, or cutting edge art as I would like.  I will be sharing links to these blogs as I find them, and would appreciate hearing of the ones you stumble upon.

- What I'm working on right now:  Abstract paintings on paper, canvas and board (mostly paper);  Collage on canvas;  Some really inspired colored pencil landscapes that will become paintings;  Handpainted paper mobils and, as always, note cards and greeting cards.  Some of my friends tell me I scatter my forces too much, but for me it's the only way to work!  When I'm working on what's in front of me at any given time. That particular work gets my most intense and most undivided attention!

- Please bear with me, as I have not uploaded any new imagery.  I have completed a substantial amount of recent work,  and will be sharing it soon.  Here are a few collage note cards to give you an idea of the type of forms that are in my larger-scale collage works: 



Shell said...

Hi Georgette, your art is lovely. Thanks for coming over to my place.
Here's the link for I need a hero by Bonnie Tyler.
I did have a great snow day, too

Georgette Jones said...


Your place is so enjoyable to visit. I love the entire feel of it.

Thanks for visiting and for the link. I'm glad you enjoyed your snow day.